All I Want (Kodaline Cover)(Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Ellie Goulding
Plays: 1,910

The Rains Of Castamere (Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Sigur Ros
ALBUM: Game Of Thrones: Season 4
Plays: 942

Still Here (Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Digital Daggers
Plays: 172
Anonymous asked: But also if you have the time could you do Settle Down but The 1975? You don't have to though school is more important I completely understand!

I am like 87% sure I’ve done that one. I’m on mobile so I can’t link it specifically but if you go to The 1975 in the artists tag, it should be in there! :)

Like A Thousand Stars (Empty Arena)

ARTIST: The Honey Trees
ALBUM: Bright Fire
Plays: 286
Anonymous asked: i guess you've abandoned this blog. do you even take requests anymore?

Okay, I got three anon messages on here and my personal blog (obviously from the same person) saying this. No, I haven’t abandoned the blog. As explained before, I am putting my two jobs and school first.  I update when I have time. These past two weeks have been super busy for me, hence the minimal updates. It should be slowing down soon. :) And yes, all the posts I’ve made in the past two weeks have all been requests. I don’t really have time to make ones I want for fun anymore.

Edit: I also put Game Of Thrones ahead of everything else so don’t expect much of me on Sundays for the next 9 weeks.

Nothing Lasts Forever (Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Midnight Red
ALBUM: Midnight Red EP
Plays: 388

Goodbye Gone (Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Lucy Hale
ALBUM: Road Between
Plays: 532

Chocolate (Acoustic)(Empty Arena)

ARTIST: The 1975
ALBUM: Chocolate (Acoustic)
Plays: 3,436

Torn (Cover)(Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Hands Like Houses
ALBUM: Punk Goes 90's Volume 2
Plays: 820
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