Bang Bang (Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj
ALBUM: Bang Bang (Single)
Plays: 2,514

Smokin & Drinkin (Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Danny Brown
Plays: 128

Four Walls (Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Broods
ALBUM: Evergreen
Plays: 256

Love On Top (Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Beyonce
Plays: 656

For some reason tumblr deleted every post I’ve made for Ariana Grande’s new album. I’ll try to repost and hopefully they won’t delete them again! Sorry for the inconvenience!

High (Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Young Rising Sons
ALBUM: Young Rising Sons EP
Plays: 380

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been saying sorry for being absent and all of that but I can honestly say now that I am working on new posts and fixing the broken links! I also missed our one year mark due to traveling at the time. So here it is “YAY! One year! Thanks so much. You all are amazing!” We also hit 2 million plays so again thank you so much! The support is unbelievable. Especially considering how bad I have been with staying up to date this past month or so. Thank you for sticking by the blog and I promise to have a nice queue set up for you guys. :)

The Children (Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Ramin Djawadi
ALBUM: Game Of Thrones: Season 4
Plays: 266

This Is The Time (Ballast)(Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Nothing More
ALBUM: Nothing More
Plays: 126

Battle Cry (Empty Arena)

ARTIST: Imagine Dragons
ALBUM: Battle Cry (Single)
Plays: 2,875
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